Intuitive Kneads Medical Massage Bodywork Clinic
Professional Medical Therapy

Why Intuitive Kneads?

     Hello, my name is Kim, Founder, Owner, and Operator of Intuitive Kneads Medical Massage Bodywork Clinic. As an empath, my gift is healing. I work closely with energy and the universe. Being able to understand the body and identify what is happening in your Musculoskeletal system is what I do. Identifying the cause of your pain, I work to address the ISSUE which has developed over time. 

I have trained as a Therapist for 21 yrs. and I attend training DAILY.  My education and training qualifies me to train in Sports, Physical Therapy, Rehab, TMJ, Sciatica (not a condition a symptom), Knee injuries i.e. (ACL, MCL) Cranial Sacral, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Lymphatic Drainage, Pre-Natal, Birthing Coaching, Trigger Point Therapy ( MAJOR CAUSE OF PAIN IN THE BODY) Before/ AFTER SURGERY.  Pain FREE is Wellness Heaven. Bodywork is the bodies cure for pent up emotions and trauma. That is the reason for PTSD.

My career is who I am! At the age of 42 I realized my passion to help and care for others is a gift that God has blessed me with. Intuitive Kneads was created to allow me to do just that. I love to encourage others to be well. Breaking the hold stress can keep on you thru activity, meditation, and daily self care.  My goal is that clients become aware and educated why wellness and self-care are essential to a healthy active life. Prevention of injury and accidents must be taken seriously.  I encourage participation on and off the table for effective training. I'm a nurturer by nature and sharing my knowledge is a major component of my care. Clients are more likely to start and stick with what they understand and what works. I give quality service that I require for myself!