Intuitive Kneads Medical Massage Bodywork Clinic
Professional Medical Therapy

Effective,  Convenient, and Affordable.... at HOME!

     Intuitive Kneads is medical massage mobile clinic offering Pain Relief utilizing a variety of therapy options and techniques to curate treatments that WORK! Intuitive Kneads is the perfect choice for everyone.  Birth to senior in all facets of life.  Treatments can alleviate issues causing chronic pain like (fibromyalgia); Other discomfort, tightness, stress, tension, pinched nerves, muscle abnormalities, ROM restriction, etc. in the musculoskeletal system. Intuitive Kneads offers full service wellness treatments, pain relief, client education, and broad spectrum self-care, physical therapy, rehab, and joint restoration.

     My Goal is assisting all the clients who reach out for help.  Clinic based mobile medical massage offices are a rarity, however, I am here to bring awareness and understanding that the time for Self-care is NOW! Intuitive Kneads offers a variety of services. However, the most requested and recommended treatment is the 90 minute "FOCUS" Pain Relief Fascia Release Treatment. Don't stop there, opt for several treatments and let's find the perfect one for you! Treatments are Proficient, Effective,  Convenient, and Affordable.... at HOME!

All clients that have the desire to live a better quality of life, Intuitive Kneads will help you get there!  Pain relief to recovery is priority!

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